Friday, February 03, 2006

Bono speaks before world leaders

With President George W. Bush, the King of Jordan, and most of the leaders of Congress in attendance, Bono spoke at the National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, DC yesterday. Every year, the keynote speaker is a closely guarded secret. Bono proved to be a pleasant surprise as we are well aware of his musical accomplishments but may not expect him to have something important to say. His speech was impressive in blending humor, candidness, and a message. If you have 20 minutes today, take some time and watch the video of his speech as it may not be available online for very long. You can also read the transcript but I warn you that it will be a poor substitute. You will not look at Bono or his music the same way. What is Mick Jagger doing these days?

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djchuang said...

It's not only the keynote speaker that's a secret, the whole event itself is not exactly a publicity and media junket. The discrete nature of the event helps to provide a venue that is conducive for people at that level to gather.