Monday, February 06, 2006

2008 Predictions

We have not even reached the midterm elections yet but I thought I would make some predictions for 2008 and potential presidential tickets anyway.

Democrats: Former Governor Mark Warner of Virginia is the hot pick and considered a capable leader since his successor was able to get into office on his coattails. Governor Bill Richardson of New Mexico may not be able to head a ticket but is often considered a viable running mate.

GOP: Senator Sam Brownback could inherit the evangelical base that Karle Rove tapped into in 04. Senator John McCain is very popular with the public but his support inside the beltway is shaky. Senator and former governor George Allen of Virginia has executive and national legislative experience. Governor Tom Huckenbee of Arkansas has been applauded for his record as governor.

Everybody is talking about Hilary Clinton but her liberal leanings will probably not survive the primary. Senate majority leader Bill Frist is not necessarily seen as a strong leader and has angered the evangelical base with his recent position change on stem cell research. Condoleeza Rice is very bright but has indicated that she is not interested in running.

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