Thursday, May 25, 2006

Way tired

I've been way too busy so I've not blogged much lately. This probably means I need to slow down.

I went to a community group Bible Study on Wednesday. There were two guys and eight women. It was quite disturbing. I am starting to agree more and more with David Murrow who wrote Why Men Hate Going to Church that our churches are not letting men be men. I felt like I had crashed a women's support group and spoiled their party. It was painful.

Since I've lived in community with quite a few men for some time, I've concluded that if you want men to exercise servant leadership in the kingdom, you must have a Men's ministry at the church level. Men have such special needs and are often dealing with so many issues that you have to dig deep to heal their wounds. Those needs can only be addressed when men feel free to tackle issues that only men face. I am willing to bet that the church you attend is at least fifty-five percent women if not more.

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